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Do you need advice or legal support in tax law matters? Do you have a fiscal problem to solve and you do not know who to turn to? Preventive study, assistance in the tax audit, support in the event of litigation. Fisconnect supports you in all phases with competence, constant assistance and responsiveness.


Fisconnect is a division that deals with tax matters: analysis and prior risk study, assistance in the tax audit, up to support in the event of litigation. Thanks to four specific sectors, which they work in an integrated way, Fisconnect supports the customer in all phases and proposes a series of integrated and interconnected services that come into operation according to the needs and the specific case. Professionalism, competence and an effective internal organization, which uses human and technological resources in a synergic way, guide the client to solve the problem and achieve the set objective.


Fisconnect represents a innovative and contemporary method of customer support in case of verifications or problems related to fiscal matters. Thanks to the expertise and advanced methods of assistance, the customer can delegate the problem until it is fully resolved . Why choose choose Fisconnect?

- Experience.
We rely on a network of specific and differentiated professionals.

- Service delivery methods.
We have an available and prepared team that informs, assists and involves until the problem is resolved.

- Professionalism.
We work rigorously and carefully to achieve tangible and measurable results.

- Relational style.
We build transparent and trustworthy relationships by establishing a relationship of mutual respect.

- Innovation.
We take advantage of innovative and state-of-the-art solutions to always guarantee high levels of excellence.


Fisconnect is structured around a series of integrated and interconnected services that act in different ways according to the specific case. Tax and fiscal competences are diversified and specialized to follow the client in all phases, according to the needs and the area of intervention.

FisCoProtect - Preventive phase

In this first phase the analysis is prepared at the customer to identify the possible tax risks (whether they are economic or criminal) or put in place a due diligence service aimed at extraordinary transactions which transactions of purchase, sale, mergers, creation of corporate groups: these are necessary to achieve a assessment of the load and the company's tax risks . In this phase, the study and the preparation of requests to consult it at the Financial Offices is also foreseen in order to know in advance the opinion of the Tax Office on specific cases of operations and the contractual advice in order to evaluate in advance the tax impact of atypical and complex contracts .

FisCoAssistance - Assistance during verification

The section deals with participatory consultancy on the checks of the Guardia di Finanza or the Agenzia delle Entrate; this can be done by assisting the company directly at the headquarters or in the back office through teleconference, telephone or e-mail connections depending on the needs. Moreover, it is possible to avail of a advice and assistance for the preparation of applications , documentation and memories in response to the verification , with the possibility of fully delegating the relationship with the Guard of Finance or the Revenue Agency, including the signing of any minutes.

FisCoServices - Pre-litigation and first-level litigation

FisCoService enters the field in case of tax advice and assistance for the preparation of instances , documentation and memories in response to the Assessment Report, in the case of investigations of any kind and of preparation of appeals to the Inland Revenue at the First Tax Commissions , including representation in court. Furthermore, consultancy and assistance are provided for a correct preliminary analysis of the Equitalia folder: following this analysis it will be possible to define the actions to be taken to lead to a correct defense of the tax payer (such as for instance requests to cancel the role or tax litigation).

FisCoAdvanced - Advanced litigation

This stage replaces in a phase following a first phase of pre-litigation and litigation and offers the preparation of appeals to the Regional Tax Commissions , including the preliminary tax assistance and the representation in court as well as the provision of appeal in Cassation (in case of a loss in second instance). In this phase the constitutions in judgment of the tax payer (in case of second-level victory and appeal by the Tax Office) at the Court of Cassation.


About us

EP Supercarni

Short description: Company in the meat production and trade sector.

Statement: I am a customer of Fisconnect, a division Viemme Consulting srl stp, and I avail myself of their advice since 2000. Their specialized skills guarantee me a 360 ° coverage for the resolution of the administrative-corporate problems with promptness and precision.



SA.MA. Invest srl

Short description: Construction company of buildings and civil engineering works.

Statement: Our company has been involved in various disputes with the Revenue Agency to Dr. Vito Meloni. At the present time all our proceedings have been successful, to our satisfaction. At all times we have been followed carefully.



Centro Porte

Short description: Company of doors in solid wood, lacquered doors, doors, armored doors, claddings, windows for home and offices.

Statement: Following a tax assessment of considerable amount we had the pre litigation assistance and then in litigation by Dr. Vito Meloni and his staff; we must say that we were satisfied with how we have been followed and the outcome of the dispute at first instance. Now we wait for the second level Tax Commission to express itself.



Davide Pitzianti

Short description: Entrepreneur in real estate.

Statement: I found myself involved in a very complicated and problematic criminal procedure that lasted 15 years. In the last stage of the process I turned to Dr. Vito Meloni appointing him as a technical consultant to the proceedings. Thanks to his advice he completely disrupted the thesis of the CTU and I got a complete absolution for not having committed the fact.




CONSFAL Sardegna srl – Consulenza Sicurezza Formazione Addestramento

Short description: Specialist consulting services, training, training for companies, on: safety at work, food safety, (HACCP) and ISO certification in force.

Declaration: I am in a position to certify that as Chairman of the Board of Directors that CONSFAL Sardegna s.r.l. receives the services of Fisconnect - division VIEMME CONSULTING srl stp from 12/01/2012; as a former Director of other companies (CONFALP Sardegna srl ​​and CONFALP srl) the relationship with the group dates back to September 1997. I think it is important to emphasize this time (almost 4 lustres) to show that the duration of this relationship is from ascribe to the significant professional level offered by the Fisconnect division to the accounting/financial/tax sector in the complexity of the company management, which has enabled us in these long years to conduct our business. institutional activities without the fear that any verification by the bodies in charge (however never suffered), could result in any sanction.


Gruppo EP srl

Brief description: Performs the management and coordination of companies in the industrial sector.

Statement: I took advantage of Fisconnect's consultancy for the creation of a group of subsidiaries and parent companies and I took advantage of their consultancy both for the definition of assets and for advice on tax and corporate issues, with considerable satisfaction.



Tecnica Prove srl

Brief description: Engineering service company for surveys, tests and structural monitoring.

Statement: My company has been a customer since it was founded, that is since 2007. In these years I have found the maximum competence and availability of all its components, together with an excellent organization led by Dr. Meloni.
I add above all that I appreciated the reliability and efficiency in critical situations of a fiscal nature that arose following tax audits. I was supported throughout the inspection and with brilliant results. I believe that this aspect is absolutely and essentially important and for this reason I place the utmost trust in tax matters.


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