Viemme Consulting offers a service of global support in the main sectors of business management:



Management control

Especially in a market so dynamic as the modern one, enterprises need to follow a strategic and precise planning. Viemme Consulting supports companies in the definition of their path, creating tailor-made systems of budgeting according to different needs and different business unit.


Monitoring and report systems used by Viemme Consulting guarantee to the management a wide control on the trend of the activity, on the corporate positioning as regards to objectives and to the situation of the market.


Viemme Consulting implements:

  • control and processing of accounting information
  • control and processing of trends of productive processes
  • control and processing of information on new markets and on supplying
  • management of relations with financiers of capital
  • management of relations with banking system
  • strategic definition of the internal organization and of relations with the staff


Strategy and correct planning of the activity:

Management has always a complete vision with Viemme Consulting.

Restructurings and business crisis

Especially when the situation gets harder, it’s necessary to have clear ideas to take measures. Viemme Consulting provides companies with all the support to manage the crisis moment and reorganize their business in the best way.


Viemme Consulting for the restructuring of enterprises is responsible to:

  • analyse the financial situation to identify the crisis level
  • analyse the banking indebtedness to restructure the debt
  • provide support in the negotiation with banking and financial institutions
  • create instalments plans of debts towards suppliers
  • create delay plans of fiscal and welfare debts
  • arrange industrial plans able to restructure business processes and able to produce cash flow to support instalments plans
  • identify possible operations of lease back to obtain liquidity
  • provide the rent or the assignment of   branches of a company to produce cash flow.


Viemme Consulting for the resolution of business crisis is responsible to:

  • predispose industrial plans, complete of marketing plans and anticipatory budgeting of patrimonial statement and profit and loss account
  • plan an out of court settlement
  • write out a certificate of recovery
  • predispose an agreement of restructuring of debts
  • implement a fiscal transaction
  • predispose documentation of “crisis and indebtedness” for debtors
  • implement the liquidation of a property


Especially when game gets harder, always at client’s side.

Corporate advice

Establishing a society or in its existence, problems and unforeseen events can rise. To solve these problems and dispel any doubt, Viemme Consulting has created a dedicated service of advice, able to intervene from the earliest phases of drafting of constitution’s acts, to the advanced phases of creation of contracts and agreements. A complete and reliable adviceaccompanies the assisted societies to undertake in the course of time all the activities with serenity and trust. Viemme Consulting offers advice and support for: negotiation and agreements of collaboration between societies, constitution of business groups, consolidated group, activity of liquidation of a business public property, discontinuance of business, benefits to enterprises for European, national and regionals regulations, predisposition of practices to access instruments of facilitated finance. With Viemme Consulting, the company always knows which way is the most suitable.

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