Do you want to access to funds but you don’t have time to deal with this activity?

Our division New Horizon deals with professional and continuative advice to give concreteness to your dreams of growth.

Is Your reality interested in accessing funds but has no time to deal with this activity? Or perhaps there are not internal resources to dedicate to the search and compilation of documents? Is the subject too complex to be faced with the means of the company?

New Horizon supports companies and provides advice on the search of European, national and regional funds.



The division of New Horizon is directed to enterprises who want to use funds and grants to develop internal projects.

We offer an exclusive, solid and punctual service, characterized by professionalism and competence. Our team has always worked in a concrete and functional way: objectives, tangible benefits and paths to be completed together. We like to say that clients success is our success; for this reason we are strongly result-oriented.



New Horizon works with precise ethics, is clear, and supports the client in every phase of the development process.

What do we do?

Specifically, the company:

  • Satisfies needs of clients activating the most suitable human and technological resources for the achievement of the objectives;
  • Guarantees a strict approach which lead to real and measurable results;
  • Put at the clients disposal its know-how competence to improve personalities and possibilities of an entrepreneurial and managerial development;
  • Builds transparent and trusting relationships with clients while establishing a relation of mutual admiration;
  • Makes qualityprofessionalism and innovation its fundamental principles to reach high levels of excellence.
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