Short description: BAN Sardegna promotes the spread of Business Angels fostering the meeting with those who want to set up or develop entrepreneurial ideas plausible from an environmental, economic and financial point of view.

Declaration: The experience with Viemme, which has concerned various aspects connected directly with the selection of innovative entrepreneurial ideas, operative in sectors particularly attractive and capable of arouse interest from business angels, has been extremely positive and will definitely find new ambits of collaboration.



Pharmaceutical Practice Doctor Tramatzu

Short descriptionLady doctor Tramatzu carries out the activity of a Pharmacy in Goni and of a Parapharmacy in Muravera, Costa Rei and Villasimius. 

Declaration: The office Viemme is marked by its own professionalism. I feel at ease for the kindness and the willingness of the staff. I'm particularly satisfied with the preciseness and punctuality of the reply to my questions and problems.



Lawyer Stefano Vacca

Short description: The lawyer Vacca carries out the activity of law firm in his study in Cagliari for over 20 years. He is responsible for practices in civil and labour ambit.

Declaration: So far has been an experience extremely positive from every point of view, wheter for competence either for the prompt and precise assistance.



Professional Study Eng. Alessio Vigna

Short description: Study of civil and industrial planning since 1982. The study works for private societies, privates and public territorial bodies in the field of planning, supervision of works, security and fire prevention.

Declaration: After previous not satisfying experiences, meeting a company that solves any problem and provides precious advice in fields out of our competences, has been determinant and resolutive to permit us to be calm, knowing that "we are in good hands".



E.P. Supercarni SRL

Short description: Company in the sector of production and trade of meats. The company is born in 1988 and now makes use of nearly 34 collaborators with a billing of eight millions.

Declaration: I'm a client Viemme Consulting and I make use of their advice since 2000. Their specialized competences assure me a 360° covering for the resolution of administrative and corporate problems with timeliness and precision.



Federmanager Sardegna

Short description: Federmanager Sardegna represents in an exclusive way the industrial Executive Managers of companies producers of goods and services all over Sardinia, which looks after contractual, institutional, professional and social issues. Moreover the Association is responsible for collective and individual problems of the category, offering a support in various sectors.

Declaration: In Viemme Consulting we found professionalism and a high competence. Always ready to solve needs and problems with extreme precision and seriousness, they have demonstrated to be a Team of reliable, qualified and punctual professionals. Therefore the satisfaction in management of our Association is extremely positive.



Immep SRL

Short description: Company of management and lease of industrial building.

Declaration: I make use with satisfaction of the advice of Viemme Consulting for administrative and corporate issues.



Dott. Ing. Roberto Porrà

Short description: The undersigned is an independent professional who is responsible for activities related to static advice of buildings and structural tests. He is specialized in the field of sperimental inquiries on structures, in interventions project , in organization of campaigns of proofs and in outcome's interpretation.

Declaration: The undersigned is a client Viemme of the Professional Accountant Vito Meloni for over 20 years. In these years my professional growth has always been eminently supported. I certify with pleasure that also Viemme has grown with me at the same time.

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