Promote, support, boost the creation of new companies.


We strongly believe in the start-up model for the contribution of innovation and growth that it can offer. Our work also consist in: promoting, supporting and boosting the creation of new companies. We love interpreting the dreams of companies that want to obtain prominent roles on the market and we lead them to the achievement of their objectives.


Technical assistance

New Horizon supplies technical assistance services and activities aimed at facilitating the creation and expansion of a business, improving entrepreneurship and fostering occupational opportunities. We actively collaborate with public and private subjects in a synergistic and integrated way, providing our expertise in order to guarantee a global satisfaction of our client.



The European funding landscape is complex: it is not always easy to choose the most suitable financial instrument. New Horizon looks after innovation and studies those processes that allow a business project to begin and develop.

We promote contacts with Business Angels, Venture Capitalist and entrepreneurs. Our main goal is to encourage the expansion of a business through different tools such as the temporary management.



Our vision includes another important aspect: the spread of the entrepreneurial culture aimed at creating new companies which encourage self-employment and occupation. This is why our advisors share their expertise with everyone who is involved with high turnout educational paths which contribute to the creation of new entrepreneurial realities.

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