Partnership: sharing of purposes, new commercial developments

We promote strategic developments with Junior and Senior Partners because we strongly believe in partnership. It′s a way to give new commercial impulses on the wake of sharing ideas and purposes. This is an important segment which is able to increase significantly, especially in this period, the growth indicators of a company.

Senior Partners 


Vito Meloni

Description: Expert in financial business, planning , management control and administration. The professional accountant Vito Meloni is the C.E.O. of  New Horizon ltd  and represents the stronghold of the organization. His significant experience in  business creation and in territorial activation brings a remarkable added value to the client companies.

Declaration: My biggest professional passions are to develop business activities and to support them.


Arturo Luciani

Description: Master’s degree in Finance and Management Control at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia; degree in Economics, member AIAF since 2006.

In thirty years of activity he has concentrated his commitment on business finance, while maturing experiences in the banking field and as a Finance Director of an important quoted group.

He has carried out operations of M&A and Project Finance, maturing from a banking and business perspective.

Since 2011 has operated as Business Advisor. He is the founder and partner of Eudoxia Solutions for Business and teacher of finance and business strategy at Federmanger Academy.

Declaration: Among my objectives is to place competence and relations, which are often exclusive property of men who work in big companies, at SME’s disposal and to facilitate comprehension and dialogue between the business and bank worlds.



Ignazio Marongiu

Description: An expert in creation of an enterprise, he is one of the most appreciated professionals in technical assistance for business development policies and financial strategies for entrepreneurs and public interlocutors.

Declaration: My objective is to assist developing enterprises and support growing enterprises.  An essential support to the management of everyday problems.



Andrea Di Corcia

Description: The activities conducted by RACUANDI, in client interventions, are the definition of business strategy, intervention planning, improvement and assimilation of personalized management tools (budget, management control, cash flow), property’s guardianship, capital acquisition, creation of detailed check lists of suppliers and clients, definition of market areas not garrisoned or lost, identification of new products or services and new selling methodologies, a new organization of human resources, generational passages, use of mediation, and conciliation for causes resolution. For the other activities a network of partners has been created, able to complete all the essential interventions.

Declaration: RACUANDI is made up of managers with more than thirty years of experience in business, who are able to face and solve different companies’ problems. The matured consciousness has made RACUANDI a network of professionals and active societies in business services, able to offer to companies a complete service. With RACUANDI, the client can count on specialists of different areas. RACUANDI’s advice is not classic advice, but rather an accompaniment to the entrepreneurs, which allows the comprehension and resolution of the real difficulties of enterprises.


Andrea Cosenza

Description: Law Firm Covacivich wants to offer to its clientele a partnership able to give support towards the conclusion of a good deal, which cannot be so clear if not conducted following the rules of the legal system. 

The action of the staff is marked by the respect of these rules, making possible to offer to the beneficiaries an optimization of resources and avoiding as much as possible a court appearance.

Declaration: The law firm makes the client safe in the implementation of investments, thanks to a constant and real support that makes a full confidence relationship possible.


Christian Sacha Meloni

Description: Expert engineer and estimeed entrepreneur who with passion and tenacity is in charge of Elmatec, society that for over 40 years has worked in the field of production of machinery and equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and medical sector. 

Declaration: My purpose and task is be there for a client and guarantee him the maximum support, helping him in all the phases of a process, from engineering to packaging, with accuracy and compactness.


Carlo Andrea Scano

Description: Successful manager who has a role as business controller and sales manager. His remarkable experience in the field of creation, restructuring, training, control and management of sales networks is essential for the realization and management of fruitful commercial relations B2B. 

Declaration: To manage and assist enterprises toward the achievement of their objectives and to the acquisition of concrete benefits is an important challenge that I have decided to undertake with serious motivation, putting into play my expertise and passions. 




Viemme Consulting

Description: Viemme Consulting Ltd was created to foster and support the expansion of a business through global consulting in the main strategic sectors. The company is made up of a group of established professionals with consolidated professional assets of competence and experiences, to accompany and support enterprises in their entrepreneurial  path. The mission of the company is represented in primis by satisfying client needs, activating the most suitable humans and technological resources to reach the pursued goal.

Viemme Consulting is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the implementation of corporate, fiscal, tax and administrative advice, management control, management accountant and labor management.

Declaration: For Viemme Consulting, it’s fundamental to work with a client through a continuative and a mutual admiration relationship.

The company makes quality, professionalism and innovation its principal values to reach the best levels of professional excellence.


BAN Sardegna

Description: BAN Sardinia association was formed in 2002, thanks to an initiative of BIC Sardinia, within an EU programme aimed at spreading an investment culture in risk capital and aimed at a promotion of Business Angel.

The Business Angel  is a private investor, entrepreneur or manager with a solid experience in business management and with a wide network of knowledge, ready to invest in the acquisition of shareholding of new societies with innovative characteristics and a strong capacity of growth. The Business Angel is not collocated in institutions which practise investment activities, but invests in risk capital, through owner’s equity or through entrepreneurial  initiatives.

Moreover, Business Angels have a predilection for a personal relationship with the entrepreneur who they finance and guide in managerial choices, also introducing managerial solutions with the goal of implementing  growth from the resale of the initial shareholding in a short and medium term.

BAN Sardinia doesn’t participate directly in capital companies, but enhances the meeting between Business Angels and entrepreneurs, providing a reliable and confidential circle; BAN provides assistance in the drafting of BP and acts as a financial mediator, organizing forums with entrepreneurs and accompanying them in their decisions.

BAN Sardinia is part of the network I.B.A.N. “Italian Business Angels Network Association.

Declaration: The association represents a concrete solution to support enterprises in a financial process.



Description: Elmatec is active from more than 40 years in the field of production of machinery and equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and medical sector. 
The business mission is to pay a specific attention to research and innovation of the best solutions, technologically advanced and of a guarantee quality, for a complete satisfaction of its own clients. 

Declaration: For Elmatec it’s important to reply in a prompt and efficient way to the growing requests of the market, that’s way it believes in enduring partnership, able to give new impulses to its actions.



Description: EBN is a European network, located in Bruxelles, of around 150 quality-certified EU-BICs (business and innovation centres) and 100 other organisations that support the development and growth of innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. EBN is also a community of professionals whose day-to-day works and  helps these businesses to grow in the most effective, efficient and sustainable way.


Junior Partners


Paolo Sanna

Description: Professional accountant and auditor, he conducts the activity as auditor, member and manager of “PSMB Auditing & Consulting Ltd”. Distinguished with ten years of experience in auditing and accounting in public and private societies, in commercial societies, industrial societies, service companies, cooperative societies and consortia.

Declaration: Thanks to an interdisciplinary approach, I aim to offer a full relief service. I believe that an in-depth and multisectorial analysis can really make the difference.



Bartosik Irèn

Description: Innovation, avant-garde and precision are typical features of Elmatec, society that for over 40 years has worked in the field of production of machinery and equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and medical sector. 

Declaration: My purpose is to help clients to find the best solution in terms of innovation and technology, for any kind of production and project, from the smartest to the most complex.

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